Conceiving and giving birth in the most conscious way possible may be the most important thing we do as we work together to create a future that is sustainable and peaceful, based in acknowledged symbiosis and love.

By combining what we know of ancient practices with modern technological discoveries and incorporating it through the collective rising consciousness, we can now confidently move forward implementing the best practices surrounding conception, pregnancy, birth and the nesting time.

Birth Without Boundaries was originally founded as a U.S. non-profit organization in 2004. “Committed to eliminating restrictions placed on birthing women and their babies” (our Mission Statement), BWB was active in its community on many levels from creating and implementing state funded breastfeeding awareness campaigns, to hosting art classes for expectant mothers, hosting Labor Assistant training workshops as well as gathering public support for legislative changes that would benefit mothers and babies.


It was a busy and beautiful time where so many came together with the common hope of creating a better way. Over the years, it became clear that BWB had accomplished what it had set out to do – to create a network of birth advocates and Birthkeepers, to create public awareness of peaceful infant and maternal practices, and to mobilize the birth community to become empowered and connected.

revolution starts here


BWB played an important role in this now very strong global movement. I am so appreciative of everyone who was involved in the development of BWB – the work that we did together was dynamic and in some cases ground breaking and I’ll be forever grateful for it – from my Mom to all the thousands of people that showed up to the rallies and events that we hosted. Thank you!

In continuation of the spirit and essence of BWB, and as its founder, I am taking the next evolutionary step with the work of BWB and assuming it now as my own personal blog. I will be sure to include documentation of the projects and initiatives that we worked so hard on over the years as BWB, adding my own personal narrative and perspective about those experiences.

The world and life is constantly changing – it’s how nature works – constant movement and evolution. I invite you to share my continued personal evolution within the pages of this blog and to connect with me for a private online consultation, to attend a conscious childbirth preparation workshop or a Birthkeeper retreat in the beautiful Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where I live.

I encourage us all to continue to keep the hope alive, to keep listening to our hearts and to do whatever we are capable of doing to ensure a peaceful future.

Linda Hamilton

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I met a really good friend named “Salem” through this I don’t know if she is still involved but I would think she was. I was wondering if anybody could help me or give advice.. I am really alone and about to give birth I really could use support … Feel free to email me please!

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