Jessica had her baby last night…

My niece Jessica had her baby last night!

I wasn’t able to be there in person, so I attended via Google Hangouts. It was so cool to watch Jes move through her labor so beautifully, using lots of sounds and moving her body freely in the water.


I saw as she went from facing down – on her knees, holding the hands of her partner Josh as he sat across from her in a chair next to the birthing tub – to a sideways position, and while holding Josh’s hand with her left hand, she instinctively guided her baby up through the water, around the back of his neck with a confident and strong right hand.

So powerful! As he came to the surface, in one graceful motion, she lifted her baby up to her chest with both hands, and rolled over to her back against the tub. “Pull me up” she told Josh, and he did, holding her for support and for love too.

11134189_10153167049118774_1291573371_n (1)

11095109_10153167049133774_459840728_n (1)


A long minute went by. Quiet. Except for the monkeys in the trees over to my right. I prayed and held my breath, and then heard his first cry get stronger. I cried with him, with pure love and joy. Not just for the beauty that I had just witnessed, but for his BEING here. Right then. In admiration that he consciously chose to come, and be here, and breathe. He made it. Arrived safely. Even if you don’t believe in a god – you do in moments like this.

that's me on my sisters phone looking at the new baby

that’s me on my sisters phone looking at the new baby

Thank you Jes for showing us all how it can be done. Thank you sweet un-named baby – for saying yes to this crazy world. We are grateful for the love that you have brought us all. Welcome. Sweet baby.

I love you forever Jessica

the 2 young aunties

the 2 young aunties this morning

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