About Me


Linda Louise Hamilton

I live my life on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, where I first came in 2001 when I felt compelled to “find the midwives”. Within one week of arriving, knowing nobody, I found the connection I was looking for.

Since then, I have lived in both the U.S. and Costa Rica, honored to be included in the special community that exists in this area of Costa Rica, comprised of people from all over the world who have relocated here, feeling drawn to create more freedom and beauty in their lives. I work as a BirthKeeper, drawing on the experiences of my life working as a birth attendant as well as giving birth to and breastfeeding my own 7 children.

I’m also extremely honored to be working with a dynamic organization passionate about making significant changes in our world, the New Earth Nation, as the director of the Birth and Dying Faculty within the New Earth Institute.

I’ve attended many births over the years, learned from gifted and magical healers and other BirthKeepers, but more than anything, I’ve realized that if we are to create a better world – one based in sustainability, trust and peace – it just makes sense that we focus our attention to the practices with which we welcome the next generations. There are many important issues to address during this intense time in history, but I believe that we absolutely must honor conception, pregnancy, birth and nesting as a primary contingency of life more than ever before. It’s urgent.

To those who understand this importance, I am here for you to assist and support you in the best way possible to achieve a sacred and conscious welcoming of a new soul to our world.

Thank you for visiting, I look forward to connecting with you.