Online Consultations

I love technology! And meeting with people from all over the world…and I get to do it from my jungle home in Costa Rica…

Pregnancy, Birth and Nesting

Professional Birth Consulting. I work with women and families to make the best of their pregnancy – plan for the best birth possible, as well as prepare for a beautiful and memorable nesting time. Visit the page here.


You just had your baby – but you have a million questions! Or, this time just isn’t going the way you had wanted it to and need to talk about it…I’m here for you. After having my 7 kids, I know how deep the postpartum time can be and want to do everything I can to support new moms through it. Visit the page here.

Conscious Conception

This may be the most powerful tool we have in creating a new earth – a new way of living here on this planet. We know so much now about human development – and know that the first “nest” for the baby is actually inside it’s mother. And this first environment holds the information that will then be transferred to the baby. So often now, people are feeling they want to be more conscious in planning for a new baby. I’m here for you…We’ll discuss important physical elements as well as emotional, mental and spiritual – guiding you and your partner in a sacred conscious conception. Preparation for the conception should ideally be at least one year in advance. Click here

Living the life you want

In 1998 I left the Matrix – choosing a life based on what I was passionate about rather than what I felt was slavery to rushed schedules and mortgage payments. I also wanted my kids to have a better life. I have never regretted it. When people find out about the life I live, many of them want to know more. I decided to add this to my online consultations to meet with those who are ready for a real life change – who are ready to listen to their hearts and to take the step of faith into really living. As I do with all my online consultations, I meet with you from my jungle home on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica – living the life I love…doing the work that I love to do. Click here…