Conscious Conception Preparation

Jeanine Parvati, BirthKeeper pioneer, wrote the “Bible” on this subject – which would be the first reference I would direct you to…as well as a number of other books that are important and helpful.

In preparing for the conception of a new baby – there are so many elements that are important to look at and address.

From working on and healing your own birth experience and most likely trauma (most people on the planet are dealing with birth trauma) – to visualizing your life with a baby. We will go deep into the entire process, giving you and your baby the very best start you can possibly have – from before the beginning.

Please use the contact form below to schedule a consultation – letting me know which time zone you live in and the times that are best for you.

I also like to barter and I work on a sliding scale, to ensure that anyone that wants to connect with me is able to.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

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