Leaving the Matrix

We are living in an interesting time in history where very few people are truly living the life they want to live. Many believe that it’s not even possible.

Back in 1998, I realized that I wanted to live a life free from a system that I felt enslaved to – I envisioned living a life that had true meaning with an end goal of living sustainably and consciously – not only for myself but for my family. So I sold everything I owned and began looking for a better way. From that moment on, I’ve lived an amazing life! It has definitely been challenging – yet at the same time very fulfilling. I can truly say that I enjoy my life, that I feel a deep sense of purpose and that I am happy. I remember what it felt like to live a “normal” life – and I know how empty many people feel living that way now.

Over the years, I’ve created a life based on faith, passion and hope – and it has landed me on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where I live next to a beautiful, magical jungle river, with toucans, monkeys and iguanas as my neighbors – and am listening to the waves from the ocean as I write this.

So many people have asked me over the years how I did it – and if I have suggestions for them in making a similar change…so many that I’ve decided to include this as a consultation service on my website.

Please use the contact form below to schedule a consultation – letting me know which time zone you live in and the times that are best for you.

I also like to barter and I work on a sliding scale, to ensure that anyone that wants to connect with me is able to.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

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suggested cost per hour – $50

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