Online Postpartum Support

Congratulations! You just had your baby!! Such an amazing time.

I remember a few times after the births of some of my kids (remember I have 7!) – that as much as I was so happy to have my new baby, the time was HARD. Sometimes brutally hard. My hope is that any new mother who is feeling this way REACHES OUT to someone! I’m happy to be that someone, and want to support you in the best way that I can.

I know when I had my first babies, I had so many questions, and needed so much support but in our modern society, we don’t often find what we need, or don’t feel safe to reach out to our friends or family for whatever reasons, that’s why I’m doing this online video chat support – sending you either a video or audio copy afterwards.

I’m here for you…

Please complete the contact form below to schedule a consultation – letting me know which time zone you live in and the times that are best for you.

I also like to barter and I work on a sliding scale, to ensure that anyone that wants to connect with me is able to.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

Gift Certificates  Available 

suggested cost per hour – $50

to purchase a one hour online consultation, click here

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