One of my favorite things to do!

I began my practice of speaking about all things birth and sex from my kitchen.

I always thought it was so important that my kids knew about birth options and basic physiology such as how ovulation worked, how to really appreciate sex, how to find the “G-spot” and what to do with it, and how to give their partners the best that they could – relating from a practical level of respect and understanding of the process.

Of course, the conversation adapted from when they were 10 to when they were young adults, and this just seemed to be the default topic while making pancakes with a captive audience.

The older the kids became, the more they would initiate the conversations and ask questions. I realized how needed so much of this information was, and that most people just weren’t talking about it.

My older kids are now all adults with their own lives, and hopefully well educated…but the experience has remained, and I love to share what I feel is important information, primarily with younger and mixed audiences.

I have spoken during midwifery conferences, at public activist rallies, festivals and private events. My father was a minister, and probably the best public speaker I’ve ever heard. I learned a lot from him – from how to engage an audience on an intimate level – to taking the time to explore the nuances of topics, challenging thought and perception of beliefs.

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Here are some of the talks that I like to give…

Conscious Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

Unlocking the Power of the Female Orgasm

Discovering the power of the Yoni

Sacred Sexuality

Preparing for The Nest (postpartum plan)

The Evolution of the Role of the BirthKeeper

BirthKeeper Training (12 hour training over several days)

How to leave the Matrix and live a free life

The Revolution is Now

Advocating for Optimal Birth Practices

I especially enjoyed my time at the Envision Festival where I was able to connect to a group of young people who were so ready to hear what I had to offer. A clip of one of my talks on Conscious Conception, Pregnancy and Birth is here.

I’m also open to speaking into topics that are specific to a certain group, or to a specific issue.

One of my all time favorite events was in support of homebirth midwife, Diane Goslin, from Pennsylvania. The campaign of public support continued though Diane’s appeal process culminating to a decision from the PA Commonwealth Court who ruled in favor of Diane, stating that “the practice of midwifery is NOT the practice of medicine” – a ruling that has set a precedent for all unlicensed midwives within the United States. Here is a video that one of our supporters made of a rally that we held following one of Diane’s hearings (look for me in the red jacket).

I believe that we are living in a critical time of history that is calling for people to awaken to their freedom, and from that place to activate a real change in our world.

Birth and Sex set the foundation to all of life and could use as much exploration by as many people as possible.

For more information on scheduling, please contact me though my contact page here.

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