BirthKeeper Training

Have you been asked by friends or family members to attend their births?

Do you feel called to attend women through their pregnancy, birth and nesting experience?

This series will cover everything from the physiology of birth to the spiritual dynamics of surrendering to the process, providing tools with which to build upon to feel confident in being a participant in this important element of life transition, so that you are equipped to assist families in their sacred event.


The way women are choosing to birth is changing rapidly. More and more women are preparing for a consciously directed pregnancy and birth experience and are looking for support in how to best do that.


This series focuses on how you will prepare the mothers and families in becoming their own best care providers.

We will go deep into exploring the importance of supporting the mothers in finding their own inherent power and wisdom that will provide a strong foundation for them to offer themselves and their babies the best possible experience during such an important developmental time – that literally shapes the life of the baby.

This is a 12 hour workshop

Sometimes it is offered online, sometimes I host it in my home, in Playa Cocles, Costa Rica.

doula training 3

Attendance to the Conscious Childbirth Preparation series is also recommended.

Cost is $270.

Upon payment, you will receive a registration confirmation with more details.

As always, if cost is an issue for you, please contact me.

Hope to see you!

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