Unlocking the Power of Female Orgasm

It’s the class we all SHOULD have had when we were 13.

Join me for this interactive workshop where we will dissolve many of the mysteries surrounding ovulation and anatomy, as well as dive deep into the power of the female orgasm, including discussion about Amrita (female ejaculation).

We will share in group discussion within a safe environment and format – allowing for self discovery and connection with others.

Originally planned for a female only audience, it became quickly apparent that this was good for everyone, so it is now open to the men as well as the women.

Who am I?

During my work with women and their babies during pregnancy and childbirth for many years now, it became increasingly obvious to me that birth and sex were one and the same phenomenon. A full cycle of one thing.

In my work to improve the empowerment of women surrounding their conception through childbirth experiences, I began to see the close correlation between the sexual woman and the mother. And the hypothesis evolved:  maybe we could heal our birth experiences and acceptance of responsibility of these seminal rites of passage if we first began to re-connect with and heal our sexuality.

It became a quest of mine to learn as much as I could about female sexuality, specifically the female orgasm, as it is the closest comparison to the moment of birth.

I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you during this workshop.

My schedule is constantly changing! Please contact me through the contact page for upcoming dates for this workshop, or if you’d like to connect with me to present this workshop at your event.

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